May 4-11, 2019


A Celebration of Optimism and Resilience in Honor of National Mental Health Month (May)

Madison INTOyellow is an annual, week-long series of arts, educational and social events that support and celebrate local community mental health resources in honor of National Mental Health Month (May). All events are programmed with the shared intention to shine a light on the stigma of mental health and inspire community connection through collaboration and creativity.

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2019 Program Highlights


Madison High School students, 3rd graders from SVMS Girl Scout Brownie Troop 6585, senior citizens, parishoners from St. Vincent Martyr Church and the Presbyterian Church of Madison, members of Madison-based Chabad of SE Morris County and members of teh Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps are turning their Optimism into Action by participating in “Pollination” – the collaborative public art project with artist and Optimist, G. Riley Johndonnell (a/k/a Uncle Riley), where they will be creating a community garden of 100 flowers hand painted on 10-inch round yellow disks (materials donated by Jaeger Lumber and Ricciardi Brothers of Morristown). On the back, they will be writing their ideas for how to brighten Madison. These optimistic ideas will be shared with the mayor’s office as the garden “pollinates” the front lawn of the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building, on May Day (May 4th).

Speaker Series

Starting Tuesday, May 7th, at 12pm, Short Stories Bookshop & Community Hub (23 Main St.) will host an “Optimism in Action” speaker series featuring an array of speakers addressing topics such as Demystifying Mental Health, Brain Training and Increasing Optimism. These speaker events will also be taking place again every weekday evening from 6:30-7:30pm in Fellowship Hall at the Presbyterian Church of Madison. We will also be hosting a special edition speaker at the Civic Center Monday, May 6th from 6:30-7:30pm for our senior citizen community. All events are free and open to the public.

Mindful Movement

Beginning Monday, May 6th through Friday, May 10 at 9am outside on the front lawn and again indoors at 7:30pm in Fellowship Hall at the Presbyterian Church of Madison (19 Green Ave.), there will be free daily ‘mindful movement’ classes. Each day will feature a different form of mindful movement, including yoga, meditation and tai chi, each hosted by different local instructors.

People's Picnic

The program will conclude on May 11th from 1-4pm with a free “People’s Picnic” outside of Madison’s new Community Art Center, outside Rose Hall (10 Kings Rd), where community members will have the chance to converse and connect while listening to music and enjoying food compliments of Healthy Italia.

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Event Calendar

Local Mental Health Clinical Resources



  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline : 800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Morris County Sexual Assault Center Hotline :973-829-0587
  • Jersey Battered Women s Service Crisis Hotline :973-267-4763
  • NJMentalHealthCares : 1-866-202-HELP (4357)
  • We Care: 1-800-SUICIDE
  • NJ 2-1-1 Help Line: 973-398-1730
  • Mental Health Association of Morris County :973-334-3496
  • Morris County Prevention is Key (substance abuse):973-625-1998
  • NJ Mental Health Cares (mental health) :866-202-4357
  • National Mental Health Association :1-800-969-6642, www
  • NJ Self-Help Group Clearinghouse : 800-367-6274
  • Morris County Aging, Disabilities, and Community Programming : 800-564-4656
  • National Eating Disorders Association Helpline : 800-931-2237
  • NJ Eating Disorders Helpline : 800-624-2268
  • Overeaters Anonymous Info Line: 973-746-8787
  • Al-Anon/ Alateen, www.alateen .org
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, . 800-245-1377
  • Narcotics Anonymous, . 800-992-0401
  • Addictions Hotline : 800-238-2333



Please Note : This list is by no means is all encompassing and is intended to provide contact information for local and national resources . Please contact 911 or your local hospital if you need immediate assistance.

SOURCE: Maximize Wellness Counseling & Coaching, LLC. & The Madison Area YMCA’s Community Mental Health Initiative

Mental Health Statistics


  • 1 in 5 Americans has a mental health condition
  • Only 41% of adults in the U.S. with a mental health condition received mental health services in the past year
  • 50% of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14
  • 20% of youth ages 13-18 live with a mental health condition
  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in young people ages 10-24
  • 6.9% of Adults in America (16 million) live with Major Depressive Disorder
  • Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide



Mental Health Tips


  • Take care of your physical health; diet, exercise, 7-8 hours a sleep each night.
  • Have a self-care plan.
  • Don’t believe everything you think! Your thoughts are just thoughts, not truths.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Reframe negative thoughts with a positive spin.
  • Practice gratitude. Write three things you’re grateful for each day.
  • Journal your thoughts.
  • Set realistic and clear goals.
  • Ask for help when you need it and work with a therapist.
  • Value yourself – treat yourself with kindness and respect and avoid self-criticism
  • Connect with others
  • Identify and use your strengths
  • Cut back on alcohol & other drugs
  • Seek out balance in your life – work, family, friends, etc.


SOURCE: Maximize Wellness Counseling & Coaching, LLC. & The Madison Area YMCA’s Community Mental Health Initiative

Mindfulness Tips & Tools


Mindfulness: a state of nonjudgmental awareness of what’s happening in the present moment, including the awareness of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and senses.

  • Awareness. During a state of mindfulness, you will notice your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations as they happen . The goal isn’t to clear your mind or to stop thinking-it’s to become aware of your thoughts and feelings, rather than getting lost in them.
  • Acceptance . The thoughts, feelings, and sensations that you notice should be observed in a nonjudgmental manner . For example, if you notice a feeling of nervousness, simply state to yourself : “I notice that I am feeling nervous” . There’s no need further judge or change the feeling.

Simple Mindful Meditation Practice:

  • Find a place where you can sit quietly and undisturbed for a few moments.
  • To begin, you might want to set a timer for about 10 minutes, but after some experience you should not be too concerned about the length of time you spend meditating.
  • Begin by bringing your attention to the present moment by noticing your breathing. Pay attention to your breath as it enters and then leaves your body .
  • Before long, your mind will begin to wander, pulling you out of the present moment. That’s okNotice your thoughts and feelings as if you are an outside observer watching what’s happening in your brain . Take note, and allow yourself to return to your breathing.
  • Sometimes you might feel frustrated or bored. That’s fine–these are just a few more feelings to notice. Your mind might start to plan an upcoming weekend, or worry about a responsibilityNotice where your thoughts are going, and accept what’s happening.
  • Whenever you are able to, return your concentration to your breathing.
  • Continue this process until your timer rings, or until you are ready to be done.

Helpful phone apps with guided meditations:

SOURCE: Maximize Wellness Counseling & Coaching , LLC.

Madison NJ Partners

Madison INTOyellow is a UMEWE initiative, developed in collaboration with:

The Madison Downtown Development Commission
The Madison Area Chamber of Commerce
The Madison Health Department and The Borough of Madison

Key collaborators include:

Whitny Sobala, Madison INTOyellow Project Lead, Optimist & Co-Founder
Lisa Ellis, Director of Business Development Borough of Madison Madison Downtown Development Commission
Karen Giambra, Executive Director Madison Area Chamber of Commerce
Cara Maksimow, licensed clinical therapist and owner of Maximize Wellness
Anita Pacheco, registered yoga instructor, RYT 200 and owner, Anita’s Attitude Adjustments, LLC.
Donna Kass, certified meditation instructor, parenting life coach and owner of The Harmonious Nest
Pat Miller, licensed therapist and counselor
Guillermo Gil, representative of Quindianos Unidos por Colombia
Angela Raffo (Mordillo), community member
Alan Coman, CEO of tapfood
The Madison High School PTSO
Madison Senior Services
Madison Music and Arts
The Madison Area YMCA Community Mental Health Initiative
The Presbyterian Church of Madison
St. Vincent Martyr Church
Short Stories Bookshop & Community Hub
Healthy Italia – La Buona Cucina

Along with the following participating Madison-based businesses and organizations:

3rd Grade SVMS Girl Scout Brownie Troop 6585
Adams Dental
Back to Basic Wellness
Be the Medicine
Chaise Fitness
Character U
Cramer’s Carpet One
Crowley Cupcake
Fishing For Fika
Foundations Yoga and Therapy
Harvest Bistro
Hat Shop Madison
Hope’s Promise Therapeutic Riding & Equine Equine Center
Jaeger Lumber
Madiosn-based Chabad of SE Morris County
Madison Community House
Madison Mud Clay Studio
Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Main Freeze
Mind Your Body
Museum of Early Trades & Crafts
North Jersey Center for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Poze Massages
Qigong for Healing
Ricciardi Brothers of Morristown
Rothenberg Orthodontics
Salutogenesis Chiropractic
Salvatore Minardi Salon
Smaller Bigger Life
Step Right Up Studio
Studio Yoga
The Bar Method Madison
The Independent Thrift Shop
The Madison Area YMCA
The Madison Public Library
The Max Challenge
Thursday Morning Club
Tivoli Creative
The Garden Club of Madison